As far back as I can remember I have always been a non-committer. I remember the times my mom would fuss at me and say 'why don't you stick to one thing and finish that before you go off starting something else?'. However, I just couldn't help myself. I would just get bored so easily that my mind would switch gears and move on to the next idea or task. My mom thought I had ADD, but I never got tested because I was an 'A' student. My ever and constant changing is something that I have done in pretty much every facet of my life; chores, schoolwork, my hair, my clothes and even dating; before I met my husband. I have always wanted a tattoo, but I still don't have one because I can not commit to what I want (lol). My style is no different, and because of that I can't really define my style. It changes like the wind, depending on who or what has influenced me recently.

I will say however, I love a good statement piece. Whether vintage, bold, new, designer or whatever; all it takes is one or two accessories to take a look from a glance to a head turner. I'm not a braggy person, but I do enjoy turning heads with my style. Once anyone gets to know me, I am quite outgoing and bubbly. In social situations, like meet and greets, I am usually a lot more reserved so I let my style speak for me. I am really awkward meeting new people, so if I wear an outgoing look I can count on them starting a conversation with me as opposed to me being a wallflower. As for my influences, they could be anything or anyone. I might see a color scheme of a room and get inspired to put a look together. Music, nature, classic TV shows (I know ,sounds weird! lol) plus whatever else you can think of can influence or inspire me on any given day. People that influence me are Rihanna, Erykah Badu and Grace Jones. They are bold, fierceness and exude the utmost confidence when they step; whether in couture or pajamas. They are not predictable style wise and I would like think of myself the same way. Predictable is boring to me.

This look was centered around this hat! I looooove this hat!!! It is so dapper yet can be so feminine and is so bold. To uplift the straw boater, I added a red polka dot scarf and my Rubo Woo lipstick. Polka dots are always fun and bring such a youthful tone to a look so I paired my polka dot sheer socks with my D'orsay Christian Louboutin pumps (old) to spice up my footwear. So far I was pleased with my look, but I felt the ultimate 'piece' was missing. I happen to go to my local beauty supply store and stumbled across these lace gloves. They were perfect! They added the perfect feminine and classic flair that I needed to complete my look.