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As far back as I can remember I have always been a non-committer. I remember the times my mom would fuss at me and say 'why don't you stick to one thing and finish that before you go off starting something else?'. However, I just couldn't help myself. I would just get bored so easily that my mind would switch gears and move on to the next idea or task. My mom thought I had ADD, but I never got tested because I was an 'A' student. My ever and constant changing is something that I have done in pretty much every facet of my life; chores, schoolwork, my hair, my clothes and even dating; before I met my husband. I...

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When I was first invited to discuss my personal style, I was thinking "wow, this is cool I can talk about what I wear!" And then I thought, "oh man, I have to talk about why I wear what I wear..." This brought up many thoughts, but mainly two questions: Do I use clothes as a means of self expression; and if so, What then, am I trying to say with my clothes? I'd say it all started around the age of 14.  I attended a private high school in Montreal (we do five years here). I wore a uniform everyday and my means of self-expression were limited to adding a pin here or there  or finding some crazy black shoes to wear on my...

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